Friday, October 28, 2011

So we switched the channel over...

...while watching a high suspense drama last night to check the score. 7-4 late in the seventh inning. Well, no reason not to go back to our drama.

So we missed the World Series drama. St. Louis wins 10-9 after being one pitch away from a loss at least twice.

Must have been time for a lesson not to give up.

We attended a college football game like that when the kids were at WSU. A few minutes to go in the game and fans were getting up to avoid the parking lot jam. After all, Arizona State was up on Wazzu by more than two touchdowns. It was all over but the shouting.

Wonder about those who were just outside the stadium when the shouting started--Wazzu won that game by a point or two (I'll never understand football--American football--scoring, so don't ask how they did it.) What were they thinking about then?

I wonder if any St. Louis fans left in disgust in the seventh.

This is obviously not the sky and stadium in St. Louis last night, but a shot during a Mariners game we attended in June.

It works for a baseball themed  Friday Skywatch--I've missed quite a bit of that game lately, too.


Wenche said...

A different sight - up in the sky :0)

StayBank said...

Wah! Wah! Wah!