Monday, October 10, 2011

And so for the pets that stuck around...

Once the pup who wanted nothing to do with it was recaptured, the Blessing of the Pets continued. It takes place around the feast of St. Francis of Asissi, well known as an animal lover. Our pets are dedicated to our companionship and enjoyment.
It ws the first time I had seen a fish at the Blessing.

This bunny was also a first.

Turtles usually come in a box. This one brought a hat.

Graciela brought the only kitty this year.
Fr. Jaime's cat took off for parts unknown before the celebration.

Largest pet this year. Last year there was a pony.

I'm bored.

Okay, Jazz. Don't bite Fr. Jaime.
 What do you think, Chiquita? Is he a new friend?

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imac said...

Pet blessing - bet its not all shush around there,lol.