Sunday, October 16, 2011

Ketchup--Blog Action Day--Odd Shot Monday

Okay, this truly might be an odd combination of themes and topics and harking back to old stories, but Blog Action Day-October 16, 2011- has the theme of food, ketchup relates to food and has at times been considered to actually BE more of a food than it is (think, school lunch vegetable), and this is an odd little ketchup bottle that was one of two reminders recently of this old Odd Shot story, as well as a piece to make a point about food--and what's the deal with all the ways to spell ketchup/catsup anyway?

Well, as in the Odd Shot story linked above --I can wait while you read it--I was again taking a picture of a ketchup bottle a few weeks ago, and then, more recently, we were having lunch in Yakima after hubby's chemo and I saw that same friend through the window and thought of the original ketchup bottle, this ketchup bottle, and chuckled. There was no ketchup on our table! That didn't deter Ernie, who brought me one and asked if I had my camera with me.

But back to the tiny ketchup bottle.

On our visit to the Bay Area we traveled on the ferry to San Francisco to enjoy their incredible Farmers Market. Relishing the thought of making something wonderful with all this luscious local fresh food. And eventually we did. But in the meantime, we had to get back to our son's home by ferry. This stretched into an adventure, because the ferry would not dock at the Farmer's Market until much later, so we would need to walk the length of the Embarcadero to the ferry stop many piers away to catch the next one.  
There were many distractions and it was a distance, and I was watching hubby's energy level as we fell farther and farther behind the younger generation.  Finally I called a halt. We have to stop and eat. Maybe we will catch the ferry or maybe a later one. It is time to initiate Plan B. So we started checking the menus on each restaurant as we passed by. You know something? If you are in a touristy part of town, you are going to see touristy prices at the restaurants. Next decision--we are going to eat HERE! The younger generation were shocked at the prices but I saw some soup that was semi-reasonable, so the older generation prevailed.

Now, the tiny ketchup bottle is part of this. Cloth napkins, an elegant view, waiters who didn't exactly hover but were always aware of any need. Those were part of the luxury. Benjie's $12 PBJ was part of the luxury. Sometimes you just have to go for the luxury, but

What a waste!!!
There! I've said it. Why does "luxury" in dining have to include tiny individual ketchup bottles and other similar waste? Why is it that dining out in "luxury" can be so much less satisfying than a cheap burger with good friends? I am trying to think of a time when we had a luxury meal which was not in some way disappointing. I think our most satisfactory "luxury" meals are actually those we do over a campfire.

So next time we go for a luxury meal, let's think something simple and elegant and classic and inexpensive and spend some of the extra sharing with the local food bank or Feed the Hungry or other similar cause. Our quilt group (and others) have a challenge going of making placemats which will  be given out through Meals on Wheels to add a touch of "luxury" to the lives of shut-ins.
Food for thought!

I won't add a linky today. If you have an Odd Shot, please leave a link in the comments. If you have something to say about food and Blog Action Day, please do the same. And enjoy your meal today--dine well, but simply, and think of those who can't.


Lew said...

Always a fun place to go and lots of choices of food! They now serve personal ketchup, but at one time would not serve a glass of water. It has been a while since we have been there and over 40 years since my first visit. I was a graduate student attending a conference and two meals still stick in my memory. The first was with a retired US Army colonel who had heard of a good Chinese restaurant run by another retired army colonel. It was an elegant place, spacious, quiet, great Chinese food and dinner was about $15 (which was all my per diem). The next night a group of us students returned to Chinatown and ate at a crowded place for $2. Still good food. My Odd Shot is up.

imac said...

I like Ketchup on my eggs and bacon.

Martha Z said...

What a great idea for "meals on wheels". Individual ketchup bottles? That is a waste of resources.
I will go to the farmers market (the one in my neighborhood will close the end of the month) in a few minutes. It is hard to find restaurant food that isn't full of fat and salt so I often pack a picnic lunch when we will be out for the day.