Thursday, September 9, 2010

Worm's Head

 Liz and George and I had our "official" Blogger meet-up photo earlier in the day at another beach and here it is. But since I started with the afternoon walk out to Worm's Head (not to be confused with the head of the "worm" currently gracing my header) I must show you how delighted George was to show it to us.
See: "Come on, you guys. What are you waiting for? I think I can put in twice as many steps as you in getting out to the point."
The spit of land that is the Worm's Head reaches out into the Bristol Channel from the point that extends west from Swansea.
You can hike out there if the tides are right, but the high tides cover the spit, and you have to time your hike to fit within the window of opportunity. We used lunch as an excuse to time  ours nicely so that we wouldn't have to decide whether to go or not.
I don't think everyone notices that the "worm" has an eye--you might not see this natural arch if you don't hike out there--or get really curious with your zoom lens.
Later this evening I will show you what else we saw at Worm's Head with a SkyWatch post. And our walk to Three Cliffs is coming up, too.


Rosadimaggio63 said...

Hi Katney,
che bello poterti vedere !!!
Belle foto quelle che hai postato :-)

Janie said...

Beautiful beaches, and a lovely dog, too.