Friday, September 10, 2010

Mumbles Hill

I guess Liz and George and I posed for our first Blogger meet-up picture,  not at Three Cliffs as I had said, but the evening we arrived in Swansea when we went for a look see to Mumbles Hill.

(George is the blonde.)

Mumbles is an area of Swansea, and it's where Liz hails from.

I think that's Mumbles Light at the point.


We were able to look down on Mumbles Pier, which Liz blogged about not long ago here. The sea was pretty calm, so here is my Weekend Reflection, James.

There were some remnants of some WWII gun emplacements on the hill. Sawnse was a target for bombings during that conflict. Good to see a peaceful sprig of vegetation growing up in the hole.

And the view back to the whole city of Swansea showed that it was low tide.


Lew said...

Quite an interesting pier! The ramp to the boat house looks steep. There must be quite a large depth between high and low tides.

Rosadimaggio63 said...

Che bella la 1° foto con te e la tua amica sorridenti !!!
Mi piace molto :)
Buona giornata.

Liz said...

How interesting to see 'my' bit of country from another's camera lens!

Teuvo Vehkalahti said...

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