Sunday, September 12, 2010

a brief break while I sort out the house

We returned from a lovely workshop at the National Park to find that the house had been burgled--totally ransacked. I must admit that one might have looked before and thought it to have been ransacked already, but there is a definite difference between one's normal mess and having every drawer upended--even drawers we did not remember we had.

We've decided on a motel for the night. It will take hours just to put the bedroom to rights.

And now the good news:
I never take the laptop camping. Guess what? I took the laptop camping. I had some stuff to finish up. Heehee.
They apparently were not geek enough to recognize what an external hard drive is. It is there on my desk--ready to hook up to the laptop.
They did not seem to have any use for a sewing machine. All my machines are present and accounted for.

And all the things they DID take can be replaced.

And I thought the flat tire we had on Friday was annoying! A well.

I'll be back to Wales and London when I have sorted things out.


Rosadimaggio63 said...

Wow !
Non c'è cosa più violenta de furti !
Io nè ho subiti 3 !!!
E dopo tanto tempo rimane ancora il senso di sgomento !
Felice ritorno :)

Dimple said...

That was a fine how-do-you-do to come home to! I'm glad you have a good attitude about it, and that what was taken can be replaced. Looking forward to your return!

Paulie said...

How sad. . . all these years and you thought you were safe living out there with the hops. I am so sorry! I am glad they did not take your hard drive. I am glad you weren't home and had harm come to either of you!

Jan said...

My heart goes out to you. This happened to us many years ago. They took my Mom's wedding rings, but not mine. They took cameras and stereos, and went thru my underwear. They dropped lit matches on the sofa, the bastards.

imac said...

Ouch, that really sucks my friends.
Glad you both are ok and not hurt.

I hope those who did this to you have their hands fall off.

Lew said...

Sorry about your mis-adventure while you were out on your adventure.

Liz said...

What a horrid thing to happen. Glad your precious things were safe and of course that you were away and unharmed. And you sound very calm about it. I hope you really are and that wasn't just shock.

Take care both!

katney said...

Thanks all for the kind thoughts. Yes, Liz, I do feel pretty calm. I keep reminidng myself that it's just stuff. It's just stuff. Eventually I will believe it.

We both have enough to do in our volunteer jobs that we are not stuck staring at the mess 24/7. So we are going on with living life. I'm taking one room at a time, and after all, I have been saying I need to clean all those drawers for a long time.

diXymiss said...

Oh my goodness, soooo sorry to hear this, Katney. Such a terrible intrusion. Wishing you peace as you set things to right.

Mary said...

How awful to be burgled! I'm glad the things that meant the most were still there but can't imagine cleaning up the mess and going through everything trying to figure out what is gone!