Thursday, September 23, 2010

Eye Eye III

That is Charing Cross Station. The design is supposed to look like a train emerging from a subway tunnel. What do you think?
Turning now a bit to the west, that street leads up to Picadilly Circus. Yes. You probably recognize Westminster Abbey at the left.

Ah, more familiar sights--the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben.
My sense of direction is a bit confused now--I think we have swung back toward the north a bit, and yes, that is Buckingham Palace beyond St. James Park.
Swinging further east, some more of metropolitan London along the Thames. I don't see St. Paul's Cathedral which should be the next bit to the right (east)--that must have been when I had to sit down because the altitude was getting to me.


~Cheryl said...

What super neat photos! I felt as though I just entered a storyland. Very thrilling!

Gattina said...

Wow ! gorgeous pictures ! I haven't been on the "eye" yet, but I have been in London a months ago !