Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Meeting on the Street Called Steep

Text message:

There is a reason that the street is called Steep Hill.

As we ourselves found the cathedral square, we also found Stewart and Julie--Imac and Mrs. Imac--just reaching the top of Steep Hill.  When Stewart had  heard we were coming to England, he said "If you come to Lincolnshire, let me know." What better reason to visit Lincoln! Hubby took this picture for us on the cathedral steps.

We spent the afternoon visiting the cathedral--it needs an afternoon at minimum, and will get two or three posts here coming up soon. Tea in the catedral's lunch shop, in and out and round about the cathedral. It was definitely dueling cameras and taking pictures of each other taking pictures.

We later went back down Steep Hill to find a great pub meal.
..and a bit of a further wander about the town before Stewart and Julie had to catch their bus home.
Thank you Stewart and Julie for a lovely afternoon. You were most gracious guides for these wandering tourists. Hope we didn't wear you out.   

Stewart is Imac of Photos from the Mind's Eye.
Julie blogs, too, but I still don't have her URL.


imac said...

Gee, who's that hansom chap with the hat on,lol.
Nice to have met you Kath and Ranny, such friendly folk and Kaths Blogs are wonderful.
Pleased you both enjoyed yourselves (as we did very much).
Its so nice to put a face to a name, meaning meeting other Bloggers from around the World.

~Cheryl said...

Yes, I'd say that is a steep street! What a charming place! Thank you for sharing; I'm looking forward to more!