Monday, September 7, 2009

Odd Shots is on vacation

And the odd thing for the next couple of weeks is that the Odd Shots post here will just be a place holder. The odd thing about the shot to the right is that we are definitely not at the beach.

We have landed in Alaska and are busy with visits and birthdays and sightseeing, and finding our way around. I am sure I will see some odd shots while we are  here--odd to me anyway.  If I happen upon one and have time and access to post it I will, but I didn't bring my laptop along for a very good reason.
But YOU--you have an odd shot to post, don't you? Post it and leave word here with a comment so that others can see what's odd in the world today.

And I can't wait till I get home and get to check and see what Lew's photo from last week was.


Gattina said...

I only hope that your vacations are not odd, lol ! enjoy your stay.
Why don't you put a McLinky( here it's free and easy to use, so we just can put our links. Mr. Linky became naughty !

Hilda said...

A vacation in Alaska! How wonderful! I hope you have a grand time! And I agree with Gattina, I hope your vacation doesn't get odd. :)

I posted an Odd Shot today: Meals on wheels.

freegal1000 said...

Well, dang! And I've got a FUNNY snap posted today...Have fun in Alaska!

Lew said...

I would guess that there are a lot of odd items (at least to us in the lower 48) in Alaska! Also much beauty to see! Enjoy your visit and the scenery. My new odd shot and answer to last week are posted here.