Thursday, September 24, 2009

A bit of Alaska -- 2

Before we joined our organized tour, we had rented a car in Anchorage and made some excursions out from there. On one trip we traveled out the Glenn Highway as far as Portage. We stopped for a stroll on the boardwalk at Potter's Marsh. 
When my brother and I had been there a few years ago, we were earlier in the season and it was high tide. We could watch the salmon in the streams. This day we were at a much lower tide and there were no fish to be seen. But there was evidence of other residents-- ducks...
...and frequently visiting moose.

It's a lovely area which formed behind the railway construction when the train was put in along Turnagain Arm to reach Seward, the Portage Valley, and the port town of Whittier.

We would later travel these same tracks in a train much longer than this one when we met up with our cruise ship.

We had a better visit with its denizens on our stroll, though.

Later tonight or tomorrow an Alaskan Skywatch.


PERBS said...

Interesting! I don't know if we saw this area when we went to Portage Glacier -- I don't remember it anyway. Isn't it wonderful that you can see soemthing new each season?

Mary said...

Wonderful! Now I'll know what moose droppings look like if a moose wonders by :-) I'd love to be on that train and headed with you. Lovely ducks. The scenery is just so eye popping.