Monday, September 21, 2009

Odd Shots is almost home from an adventure

No, I'm definitely not seeing that!

I'm sure when I return I will have lots of odd shots to share, but in the meantime, I am winding up a cruise and have lots of details to finish off.
But YOU--you have an odd shot to post, don't you? Post it and leave word here with a comment so that others can see what's odd in the world today.
Be back to the kaboodle later this week--next week with Odd Shots.


Hilda said...

I hate it when my vacation is almost over so I understand how you feel. I hope it was great though!

My Odd Shot is
Keeping things cool

freegal1000 said...

I always have an odd shot to share!

Lew said...

The saguaro always make interesting photos. My odd shot is a little more mundane.

Kate said...

Hope your vacation has been marvelous. Can't wait to see the odd shots you bring home :)

Mine is up, also a vacation shot:

Cranes at Sunset

PERBS said...

I missed you and hope that yoru cruise was wodnerful, you got lots of neat photos and that you aren't too tired to share when you return! Ü