Thursday, June 4, 2009

Threatening Skies

Can you see the raindrops?
Two seconds earlier the reflection on the road was brilliant orange. It took me two seconds to turn on my camera.
Listening. Watching. Thundering. Lightning. Our firs summer thunderstorm--and it isn't even summer.
Skywatch. Look for others here.
Thank you for stopping by. I could not sign in to Mr. Linky on the SkyWatch site, so I know if you are here you are probably one of my loyal visitors.


Lew said...

A lot of color in that gray day! I also could not get Mr Linky to accept my sky watch.

Martha Z said...

Nice shots, Kathy. I like your new blog too. I've been having trouble with Mr. Linky lately and when I do I use Jules' computer. Firefox doesn't seem to have the issues that IE does. I've thought of switching to IE but as long as he has Firefox I'll just let it be.

PERBS said...

We had all that too! Now, the rain is ging to ruin our art walk tonight. I am so mad.

Janie said...

A storm is always exciting, especially when you live in an arid region like I do.
Great photos!