Saturday, May 9, 2009

PhotoHunt--Theme: In Memory

Some of the Remembrance tents from the 2008 Breast Cancer 3-Day. Walkers are free to write a message of remembrance of why they walk. I lost my mother and my sister and others to Breast Cancer, and have many other contacts with those who have either conquered the disease or lost their battle.

In Memory is why I walk.

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Anonymous said...

The best of reasons.

PERBS said...

You have a great cause. . . on the other hand, I can't do it because my twin died from it. I salute you! In high school, I wrote my senior term paper on a cure for cancer. I graduated in 63. To me, all they do is find new forms of it.

James said...

Very touching, My mother went through the breast cancer ordeal last year. Thank God she survivied.
Thank God for you and all the others who fight for a cure.

Anonymous said...

Aloha Katney,
I appreciate your dedication to the Cancer Association. I've had relatives with breast cancer & also participated in their walks. Great take for this week's theme.
Hope you'll stop by & visit.
Thank you.
Cindy O