Thursday, April 2, 2009

More on training for the 3-Day

Great comments from the other day's post about training for the 3-Day!!! A couple of things were suggested that I appeared to have forgotten, and I am very glad that they were mentioned.

PERBS asked if I didn't have an energy bar in case I got hungry. I have hiked with PERBS. She has walked the Portland Marathon, so knows what a long day's walk is like.

She is right. During a long walk it would be foolish not to have some sort of snack available. During her marathon there were snack and water stations along the route. The same is the case at the 3-Day. There are four or five pit stops each day. They give everyone a chance to rest, refresh, and use the facilities.
They also have a medical tent where you can tend your blisters, ice your aches, or get additional attention if needed.) Nevertheless, I do always carry a snack bar and a bag of nuts on long walks or hikes.

My walk the other night was only about an hour and right after dinner, though, so food was not a priority.

That brings another thing to think about, though, when you are exercising. Have you ever heard of hyponatremia? It's not likely to happen on an hour's walk, but it is something to be aware of any time you are exercising and sweating, and rehydrating. It happens when you drink lots and lots of water and don't replenish the sodium that is lost through sweat and urination. It is the reason for all those sports drinks that are available. Their benefit over plain water is that they replace those minerals.

I hate them! There you go. I've said it. I will not drink Gatorade. The alternative is to eat some salty snacks. There is where my bag of mixed nuts comes in. I sometimes have issues with sodium, but even with that, on a long day's walk I take the salty nuts. (And it is a good excuse to eat potato chips.)

SquirrelQueen reminded me not to forget the sunscreen. Good point! I did not need it for one hour at sunset the other night, but believe me--don't go out for a long day without it. And remember, it doesn't have to be bright sunshine to get a sunburn. Watch out for those cloudy days--they can be fierce.


imac said...

Wonderful post Katney.

PERBS said...

I don't like Gatorade either. I like Propel lemon. It has vitamins. They sell it in a botle or in packets. I usually buy a couple bottles and then re-fill them with the packet and water. I am mad at them ebcause theys topped making thei neat twist top that fit the mouth so well. Thus, I have hung on to my last two bottles sicne the neck of the new bottles won't fit the caps I ahve either.

I didn't know about the salt. Of course, when I did the PM, I was only interested in finishing, not winning any race. I did.

PS I need help identifying a pink plant on my latest blog. I found it on the Ellen Davis trail and she was a real naturalist and walker.

Michele said...

I never heard of hyponatremia and that's good information to know. I am not a huge fan of Gatorade either but some of the newer light flavors are really nice... I don't like the dark flavors, too sweet and sticky for my liking.
A very good post!


Lew said...

A runner died from hyponatremia in the DC area last year (I think it was the Marine Corps marathon). As a kid, we always had salt tablets for those hot sports events. Looks like you are well prepared for the walk.

Doreen said...

great post and pics! love the foot rub and massage area, great idea!