Tuesday, April 7, 2009

ABC Wednesday--L is for...

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Denise Nesbitt, who originated ABC Wednesday.

L is for Lake.

In the course of my hikes and travels I have visited quite a few lakes.

From the tiniest:
It took three hours and seven switchbacks along the trail to hike to the tiny Owyhigh Lakes in Mt. Rainier National Park. A quiet rest in the meadow was worth it.

to the largest:
Lake Baikal in central Siberia contains one fifth of the world's fresh water. It is the deepest lake in the world--more than a mile, and has more water than the five Great Lakes of North America combined. However, Lake Superior has a larger surface area.
Wading in Lake Baikal:
Local custom has it that swimming in Lake Baikal will add 20 years to your life. Wading in the lake will add five years.

Reservoirs are man made lakes:

It was on this cruise of Lake Periyar on the border of Kerala and TamilNadu in India that I saw the elephants from E is for.... We cruised to the dam which formed the lake--now part of the Periyar Tiger Preserve and National Park. (We didn't see any tigers.)

low water level

Here at Lake Shasta in Northern California, and below at Lake Powell on the Arizona Utah border, you can see the line marking where the water level of these lakes once was. Water in the American West sparks heated debates among irrigators, electrical users, recreational users, and other interests. In the many years that I have driven past Lake Shasta, I don't think I have ever it full to the high water mark.
hiking on the lake bed:
Rimrock Lake is an irrigation reservoir, and the end of the growing season leaves the boaters and fishermen out of luck, but gives an interesting opportunity to take a hike on the lake bed. This was the first time I ever walked to an island over dry land.
Shadow Lake gives a mirror glimpse of Mt. Rainier...
as Lake Manzanita reflects Mt. Lassen in Northern California...
and my Dad captured Mirror Lake in Yosemite National Park eighty years ago.
A few more weeks from thie November shot and Tipsoo Lake would have been iced over, the reflection gone until June.

a lake can be a great place for a summer cabin
Deer Lake, north of Spokane, Washington is lined with cabins. There are very few year round residents.
a lake can be green:
This unnamed lake in the White River Valley at Mt. Rainier reflects green because of the "glacial flour", particles of rock ground down by the Emmons Glacier.
or can be called Green:
A single kayaker on Green Lake in Seattle. Urban lakes provide a respite from the rat race.
more urban lakes:
A plane lands on Lake Union--another of Seattle's lakes.
And the Lake Washington Floating Bridge stretches across another of Seattle's lakes, carrying I-90 traffic to and from the city.

What variety there is in the world's lakes!


PERBS said...

WOW! A world tour of lakes! Pretty! I am surprised that you didn't save a couple of those for the meme when it will be reflections and shadows. . . Ü

Deslilas said...

So rich post.
Thanks from the great lakes of Champagne in France.

Lene said...

L for Loveley places to be :)

Happy easter :)

Sailor Girl said...

Wow!! The first photo made me want to jump into the water surrounded by the green!!!! So beautiful! Thank you!!!

Janie said...

What a great selection of photos of all kinds and sizes of lakes and reservoirs from all over. You do such great tours for us. Interesting that your father loved taking great nature photographs, too!

Daryl said...

You always have the best collection of examples of whatever it is .. love that tiny lake ...

When I saw Lake Michigan for the first time I was astounded it was a lake .. it seemed as vast as the ocean

imac said...

Love the post of lakes, enjoyed muchly.

Liz said...

There certainly is a huge variety. Amazing about the siberian lake.

And what a great old photo from your dad too.

Sylvia K said...

Wow! Great lakes from everywhere! How wonderful! Thanks for sharing the beauty of L!

Joy said...

The first little lake looks idylic. Wonderful selection of lakes

Tumblewords: said...

A wonderful selection of lakes - many of these I'm familiar with so it's even more enjoyable!

Michele said...

You have some beautiful lakes in your post here... so much some like the ones here in BC. I really love those lakes that have mountains and trees reflected, those are incredible!


Judy said...

Wonderful pictures and a great L post.

photowannabe said...

Wow, this was a great tour of lakes around the world. Beautiful post. Thanks for sharing.

RuneE said...

I enjoyed this trip very much. It showed the variance between the large and the small, but at the same time the likeness.

Doreen said...

very nice post! the photos all are so peaceful and quiet. calming effect.

Martha said...

Love those mountain lakes. We plan to visit Mt. Rainier this summer so I particularly appriciated those pics.

Geno's Garden said...

Beautiful and inspiring...better go get me some hiking boots! And when I venture out, I'll think of you and your great post! Jeannie in Sacramento