Friday, January 9, 2009

Yakima River--July and January

This is the "minor" flooding on the Yakima River as viewed near the Sunnyside diversion Dam. The flooding in the state is said to be the worst since 1996. I think I remember that one.
I had been to the little viewpoint the end of last July, so I have pictures to compare. The top is the railroad trestle in July, and below was today. The arrows point to the same support, and the line is about the same level on the opposite bank.
I'm not really sure what you call these things. There are a few of them in the area, they have a sort of basket that can be sent across the river on a cable. This photo was taken in July.
This one was taken today. If you click these they will enlarge. They are taken from slightly different angles, so if you enlarge the one above, you can see that A framed support on the opposite bank, directly above the little house structure. See, the one that is right at the water's edge today.
Did you see the men in the basket? I don't know what their job is, but I do know that I am glad that it is not my job. They had something on a cable that they were dragging in the water. They might have been measuring the water flow.
This is a field.

We parked on the other side of the road and I walked across to get these pictures. As I crossed, an eagle landed near the edge of the water. Either it was too soggy for comfort, or it didn't like my approach, because it took off pretty quickly.
And landed on this telephone pole. It is either a juvenile or a female. I have seen one with the familiar white head further up the river recently.
This IS NOT THE RIVER. This is a FARM!
Later and further south--I do normally see the river at this point of the road, just not so much of it.
And this is usually a bend in the river--water curving around to the left, but no water on the right.
We also stopped to take a look at the Naches River northwest of Yakima. This is one spot where you can access the Yakima Greenway for walking, running, skating, or biking. Not so much today.
If this is the water that is over the pathway, I think I will pass.This is the AFTERMATH of about a dozen days of snow, several days of rain in the mountains, a Chinook wind, and a temperature rise from the 20ºs to the 50ºs F. This is the dry side of the state. Flooding on the wetter west side is far worse.
Aftermath is the PhotoHunt theme for this week.
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Mary said...

You really do have water problems right now! Your photos show it so well. How awful. It seems like everything in nature comes in either too much or too little any more. I hope the flooding ends soon. Will pray for your area.

Lew said...

Thanks for the update. I'm glad your part of the world is relatively okay. Good shot of the eagle - you can tell how big they really are when they sit in a power pole.

ian said...

wow... that's a HUGE amount of water! it puts everything into perspective: i ought to quit whining about the occasional 5-inch-high floodings in our area whenever heavy rains fall...

i wish your community all the best in the year ahead...

Anonymous said...

A great series reporting the Aftermath - glad I don't live at the farm. Sheer misery for Mrs. Farmer.
The eagle is a bonus for you.

yanix said...

wow your photos are really interesting.!

JC said...

Great shots... Mother Nature will have her way. Terrific skywatch shots, too!

Anonymous said...

The water is really churning in your last photo. The levels are so high. Good sequence of photos.

Stop by if you have time and see my photo hunt.
yLnC's Aftermath

Alice Audrey said...

Oh boy. The water certainly did some rising.

Brita said...

Great shots!

diXymiss said...

Great photo journalism here, Katney. We've had floding too. What a mess it was a few days ago, with I-5 and all mountain passes closed. Glad the waters are receeding now. Stay dry!

RuneE said...

A lively tour - I see you have much the same climate as we have. Winter is an on/off business.

I was impressed by the eagle on the lamp post. I can only mange seagulls.

jmb said...

Yes some snow is not as bad as this. Flooding is really horrible to deal with and I hope it is not too often.

PERBS said...

Aftermath was "timed" very well since we made national news about the flooding! Great series of photos!

Liz said...

Gosh, that's bad.