Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Oldest Bridge

Visit Rune E at Visual Norway who has inspired us all to take a second look at the bridges we see. The details of the meme are here.


This is probably the oldest bridge that has been posted since Rune invited us to join the first Bridges between... last March. You may have seen a bridge posted that was built by the ancient Romans or Greeks, but this is older than that. It has been in the making for many thousands of years.
When we arrived at Tonto Bridge State Park west of Payson, we first ate our picnic lunch, then started to wonder where the bridge was. The fact of the matter was, we were on top of it without even realizing.
Tonto Bridge is a natural bridge, "believed to be the largest natural travertine bridge in the world. The bridge stands 183 feet high over a 400-foot long tunnel that measures 150 feet at its widest point," according to the Arizona State Park website, which also explains its history.
(Most of these photos will enlarge if clicked.)This sign explains a little bit about how it was formed.
You can hike down from either side of the bridge. The sign says not to walk under it, but dozens of people were doing so.
We didn't hike through under the bridge as some others did, but came down the trail on each side.
Human built bridges in the desert sometimes seem like they would be unnecesary. Since the force of water formed this one, it is a good argument for the ones that cross dry washes.
Besides going down the trails on each side, you can cross a section of the bridge where a "window" looks down into the stream below.

The moisture of Pine Creek and the nearby springs make this area an oasis in dry Arizona.


Anne-Berit said...

Wery interesting post,and beautiful pictures.Have a nice day!

babooshka said...

Interesting and wonderful images of what nature can do.

My email is down but here is the link to the Ramsey stitcher. I think you and her would really appreciate each other's work.

Lew said...

And I thought I was posting a historic bridge! Our human built bridges are very new when measured against natures calendar. Interesting seeing the cactus and trees at the same spot.

PERBS said...

Enjoy seeing places through your eyes that I have never had the opportunity to travel to in my lifetime. Definitely an interesting bridge.

I have mine up also and this time there really is a physical bridge involved, although it may be the smallest one w see this month.

I will be catching up on reading your blog this week.

Your EG Tour Guide said...

Cool bridge, Katney! The natural bridge is definitely the oldest so far.

Cloudia said...

Wonderous! Aloha

RuneE said...

That was a "stunner" as I believe you would call it! I have never heard of that kind of natural structure. Very intriguing - thank you for sharing!

PS My "Odd shot" will be up in a little while.

Anonymous said...

Such a wonderful natural place, the sort I'd love to be able to visit.