Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Benefits of being older

I think I have children older or at least nearly as old as the instructor.

I know I have a grandchild older than most of my classmates.

If you are 60 or older, the next time you get a copy of the quarter's class schedule from your local community college, check the index for "seniors."

The way it works at ours is that a senior citizen can get a Gold Card which entitles them to audit up to two classes in any quarter for $5 plus $1 per credit and lab fees. My photography class is costing me $21.50 ($13.50 of that is apparently lab fees for access to the computer lab.)

Being an auditor means that I can participate in everything, but do not have to take exams and I don't get credits. At my age and circumstances, what do I need with credits?

Next quarter I am thinking of taking drama.


diXymiss said...

Wonderful! Hope you have a great time and learn many new things.

Cloudia said...

That's great!

PERBS said...

I would love to hear more about your photography class. I should go to our college and take some classes for fun like that. We have Clark College and also WA state branch. Maybe one day.

Where is the campus you go to?

jmb said...

I took a university course (Italian 300) the year after I retired at 63. I too was old enough to be the mother of the instructor and the kids were all in their early twenties.

It was fine with the instructor but the kids were funny. Some of them interacted with me very naturally but others pretended I was invisible. Often we did things in groups and sometimes it was a bit strained. I did not take it for credit but I did all the assignments and took the exams anyway and agonized over it all just as much as if I were going for credit.

Daryl said...

Now that's excellent making continued education affordable!

Cindy said...

Oh man...that's great. I love taking classes and this gives me something else to look forward to when I'm 60. :)

Nydia said...

You're simply an example of how powerful a soul can be, no matter the age.

I thought a lot about you these days, Katney, because I was reading a book about a circle of women who get together to sew quilts and the stories of their lives are all around the special things they create. I'm stupid enough to forget the book's name, I'll take note of it next tim,e I come here.

Kisses and congrats for your classes!


Nydia said...

Hello, Katney. The book I mentioned is "Round Robin", and now I know it's a serie of books about wuilts! Always in Elm Creek's farm. Now I have to look for more of them. I hope you like it if you find one too.

Kisses from Nydia.