Thursday, January 15, 2009

This is not today's sky

This was taken last Easter week at Mt. Rainier National Park.
Our Recent Skies in Poetic Form
Dreary Fog!
Dismal dreary Fog!
Dismal dreary winter's Fog
which chills the toes and nose
and reaches its freeze deep into the bones.
Such a chill as strikes the psyche!
Such a chill and weary Fog!
Such a winter's Fog!
Dreary Fog!
I've not been around to visit much. I have a project needing to be finished tomorrow. I am taking a class. I have chucked my chair out, as sitting in it at my computer has wreaked havoc on my joints--specifically my hip. I cannot sit, but in a straight backed firm dining chair it is becoming possible to do so for short bits. I have to move around--it caters well to my own brand of hyperactivity. It does not lend itself to skywatching. Nor does the fog.
To visit skywatchers who have actually seen the sky within the last week, find links here.


Guy D said...

You captured this shot perfectly, great work.

Regina In Pictures

Steve Buser said...

Good shot. I hope you back gets back into shape.

Enigma said...

Wonderful capture! Great colors!

chrome3d said...

Most monumental looking cliff you have there. Your foggy poem was brilliant in it´s diamond shaped symmetry.

PERBS said...

We've had fog also but it is gone by 10:00 AM. . .

Rainier is always a perfect shot! I got more photos of Mt. Hood today. . .

Hope you get to feeling better really soon. I can't imagine you not walking around the outdoors!

RuneE said...

Neat title - and why should you use today's sky? My SWF is about a week old, but I'll use a two year old picture if that is what I want - I'm not going to tell it either if that suits me.

Nice poem, both, literally and figurative.

I have a special chair/stool where you rest the fore-side of your legs on a special leg-rest. Very nice to use for a couple of hours when the back acts up.

Gattina said...

Looks great, but snow at Easter ?

Babooshka said...

It's a beauty whatever day.

imac said...

great shots, love how you composed your post, with the shape of words about FOG too.

Rocky Mtn. Girl said...

I understand and I hope that being active as you say, helps solve your problems...