Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Oh, dear! What can I do?

I was halfway home when I realized--my camera is sitting on my desk. I won't be back at school until Thursday. Should I turn around and go back for it? That doesn't seem practical at this time of the day. The traffic will have increased in town. (It was the in town half that I had already traveled.)

I will never wear something without pockets again. Well, that is not terribly practical, either. My new camera fits into my hip pocket and that is how I generally have it always with me. My larger camera is usually not too far away. I keep it at school, taking it with me if I have plans for the weekend.
So how can I show you the quilt that is the valley at this time of year. The last couple of days, the cherry blossoms are out. Other orchards are in various states of new leaf, but not yet in bloom.
Here is what it looks like right now.
Yeah, sure! but you get the idea.
Later on down the highway I saw two semis with flatbed trailers carrying small cabinlike buildings. The structures were not just part of a mobile. They were a whole building--not more than the width of the trailer and slightly longer. I wish I had a picture. But here! This is what it looked like:
Sort of.
Once I got close to home I remembered once again that something is going on across the road. You may remember this from a while back. It is the view across the road from our front yard. The city water tower and Mt. Adams in the distance beyond the vineyard.
That's how it did look. Now the vineyard as well as the orchard north of it are being removed. It looks something like this.

Well, no it really doesn't. But the grapevine posts have been pulled and the vines are laying on the ground more or less at that angle. The view is good--now. No vines in the way. But what is going in there? I hope not hops which have gone in farther down the road. The market for hops, which has been down for several years, is up again. Hop trellises are tall. If that is going in, there goes the view!


the mother of this lot said...

I love your pictures! Maybe you should forget your cmera more often!

Paulie said...

You are too funny! You mean you don't have any old photos to share on yoru computer or a disk? Came looking for your I entry. Guess I will see it tomorrow. You know you can change the time and date options at the bottom left of your psot and pretend it is already Wednesday.

Sharon said...

I hate it when I leave my camera at school. I have been known to go back and get it.

I love your pictures! Very creative and fun!

starnitesky said...

How annoying to leave your camera at school! Anyway I have had fun looking at your drawings.

Dragonstar said...

Oh, Katney, I laughed myself into a coughing fit!

So annoying to be without a camera - I have my lovely camera-phone purely for that reason - but you've done well without it.

Good luck with your view.

lila said...

You managed a good post without the camera. Your pictures are clear and straight forward. I especially like the "patch-work" fields! (Of course, I make quilts!)

CrazyCath said...

I think your art work is competing with your photography here!

---Michael--- said...

I believe your artwork deserves more attention, if what I see is a fair sample...the fields were well-composed and whimsical and joyful...what photograph can convey all of that?

Jeff said...

The grapevines and the view still seem new and novel to me. It was a plum orchard up until the summer that I moved out.