Tuesday, June 7, 2011

U is for an Untold Story--ABC Wednesday

This morning I was reading what Liz had to say over at Finding Life Hard and I wanted to link to my similar story. But when I went to find it in my blog, I discovered that it was something that had happened several months before I started blogging, and so the story went UNTOLD. Does that make it adequate fodder for an ABC post for the letter U? I hope so.

You see, it was during spring break several years ago when two boys rang my doorbell and told me that their ball went into my yard and could they go get it.

And I said Yes, go around through the gate over here.

And they said but he went in over there.

Now, bilingual kids (and adults) often have a problem getting their pronouns straight, so I didn't think too seriously about their calling their ball a "he."

So, pretty soon this is what I saw:
 Okay, not a problem with pronouns, just a little accent on the vowel sounds there.

The boys tried to get the bull to go home with them, but he though our grass was greener, I guess. So they said they would be right back, and pretty soon they came back with their dad.

...who was leading a cow.
 Who led the bull out of the yard...

and down the road toward home.
So that's my untold story--that's all it is--and I'm sticking with it.

But now it isn't untold any more.

If you liked this you will find Liz's bull story interesting.

And you will find more fof U at ABC Wednesday.


Cindy said...

That was a sweet story! I watched an episode of "All Creatures Great and Small" last night and one of the stories in it was similar to yours...only Herriot got stuck up a tree! :)

Liz said...

Thanks for the mention, katney. Great story. The farmer obviously knew what the bull liked best!

Trubes said...

I liked that story Katney and am glad it didn't remain untold....Obviously the bull found the allure of a lady friend more important than his lunch...Or was she his Mama and probably, said words to the effect, 'Wait 'til I get you home'!


imac said...

Enjoyable post my friend.

Janie said...

Funny story. The dad was smart to go get a cow!

Max-e said...

Good one