Friday, June 3, 2011

Seattle Cloud Cover

Seattle Cloud Cover is the name of this art installation in the Seattle Art Museum's Olympic Sculpture Garden.

When I first saw it on our visit last month, I thought the elements had discolored the clear  panels bordering and sheltering the walkway.

No, my son told me--it's supposed to be that way. So we looked at the guide I had downloaded and printed out.  The "glass bridge incorporates images discovered in nature of the changing sky."
Perfect for a spring Skywatch.


Jan said...

Very creative.

msdewberry said...

Awesome to see the sky in different perspectives. Good eye!!

Max-e said...

Hi Katney,this is an amazing piece of work and a good choice for Skywatch. From what I see you are doing well with your settings. I have been very scare on the blogging scne for a while as I am working on a novel and it has been comsuming me and my time. Thanks for the visits and comments.