Sunday, June 26, 2011

Odd Thought

Okay, I didn't get the shot--but it's my meme and I can break the rules and we did see it this afternoon--this personalized license plate which I have reproduced as best I could in MSPaint. We were on the freeway and I was driving and couldn't just pull out the camera even to hand to hubby to get the shot.

But it is not the photo that would have been odd. It was the odd thought. The one I first had when I saw the plate. It was something like: "Why would anyone put RISKY CAR on their license plate?"

After a brief discussion, hubby and I decided that it is likely supposed to be OUR SKI CAR. That might have been more obvious if we spoke text.

What did you see that was odd this week?


Paulie said...

When I saw the "mountain, I knew it was our ski car! Great idea! I don't blame you for trying to make a copuy of it when you couldn't get a camera shot. . . you did well!

imac said...

Your post,lol.
Glad you spotted this.

Liz said...

I 'read' numberplates as well! It does seem an odd choice. Probably owned by a mild-mannered newspaper reporter.

stayathomedivamom said...

Hi! Checking out your blog :) I am the Stay at Diva Mom listed on your Washington Blogs. Thanks for hosting me! I am also a Pacific Northwest gal, Kitsap County to be exact.

Lew said...

I see a lot of cars that fit your first thought as to the meaning - but mostly due to how it is being driven! I agree that the white mountain makes it a ski car.