Sunday, June 12, 2011


Have you ever played Angry Birds? I have not played the game Angry Birds. I have not seen the game Angry Birds played. I am barely cognizant that there is a game called Angry Birds and have no idea on what device it is played.

But if you want to see some Angry Birds, just take a look at these guys.

...or should I say these gulls?

Does Angry Birds have a sound track? I imagine it does. If they needed inspiration for it they could have come and listened to these guys---er, gulls. They came every day while we were in camp. Yelled for a while, then left.

They seemed to be yelling at this gentle bird, who also came, took a look around quietly, and stood with dignified stance taking in the whole screaming match.

I liked him.

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Lew said...

I guess that they were waarning the bird on the table that he was in danger of becoming lunch for a picnicker!

Christine said...

Great shots, and funny too. I played Angry Birds for while, became quite obsessed with the game.

imac said...

Great Gull shots my friend, I have some Gulls to play with too, will post at a later time.

cheQnOnO said...

Hye. Angry Birds game now is become a phenomena in Malaysia. Me myself addicted into it..grr!

Martha Z said...

We saw some very angry geese on our trip but most of the birds we saw were pretty mellow. Well, maybe the courting grebes were not exactly mellow, they were pretty intense.
I'm glad you got away for some camping.
We hope to open the cabin tomorrow, don't know what we will find but the water system is up and running, now all we have to do is dig out the valve and hope there are no leeks.

Me said...

Hey.... I followed you from somewhere... can you help with my follow button.... It is broke and won't work ... not only that but when I go to other blogs and click their follow button, it won't let me.... DO I have a setting off.... feel free to email me a



Liz said...

They can be really nasty! They're known to swoop down and steal chips out of people's hands in seaside resorts.