Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Burglar had Dirty Hands

We were burgled the other night while we slept. The burglars left muddy handprints.
They stole:

4 hot dogs

a pound of grapes

half a pound of cheese

a chocolate bar.

They left the packaging.
We did not have any firewood at the time, or I believe they would have made s'mores.

Suspicion falls quite heavily on a masked individual seen casing the neighborhood earlier that evening.
Tiptoeing about the area.

Having been thus alerted, measures were taken the following night to prevent thievery.
Frustrated in finding that their selection of goodies was beyond their reach, the marauders moved on to the neighboring campsite, where they were heard to argue, and one fell onto the side of the tent, startling the sleeping camper, who jumped up and in turn startled the burglar, and  thieves went away hungry for the night.


Gattina said...

At least your burglars have something special ... they are so cute !

Christine said...

They are cute, but boy do they leave a mess if they get in.

Max-e said...

Hi Katney, thanks for the solution to the commenting problem, it works.
These little fury thieves can be such pests.
Many years ago we were at Mana Pools in the Zambezi Valley, Zimbabwe and had tp contend ith the hyhenas. THey were inclined to carry of the cooler boxes so everything had to be stored out of their reach.

RuneE said...

Ah, a crime story from real life! Nothing like a good "fingerprint" to catch the thief. Well told and illustrated :-)

Liz said...

They had good taste anyway!