Thursday, April 15, 2010

No you can't!

Well, it only took:
--several double checks that everything was connected correctly according to the quick set up guide
--four rereadings of the quick set up guide.
--a page by page examination of the complete 87 page guidebook
--trial by hubby
--test by myself
--another test by hubby
--another look at the two guides
--an hour on the phone to customer service during which hubby had to spell his name again for each of three techs as well as explain that the number he gave is a cell phone  because no we don't have a land line and here is our street address but we don't have mail delivered to it and he had to write down a new transaction number for each tech and check the connections on the back of the unit and what the plugs they were plugged into the TV said and try everything the a each of the remote controls did when you pushed each button for the first two
before a tech who gave his name as JR (which we are quite certain from his accent is more likely to stand for Jawaral Rajeev than John Robert) said, "No, you can't record from broadcast TV with that model."
which was the only VCR for sale in our whole area yesterday.

So we will miss Survivor when we go to the Community Concert tonight.

No, don't tell us. We'll try to watch it on the computer's slow connection sometime before next week.

I wonder if that is why we couldn't record from the old new recorder, either.

And there were no questions asked when he returned it becasue he was the third person this week returning one for the same reason.

So why didn't the person who sold it to us mention that, since a lot of people in this area use broadcast TV--no cable--no whatever else there is?

Further update:
Wishing to change the station, he asked me where the remote was. Since he had handled it last I told him that it was wherever he put it.

Which, it turns out, is in the box that he took back to the store, since the one for the TV and the one for the VCR that won't record look much more similar than the one for the old VCR and the TV did.


Lew said...

Ain't modern technolgy maddening! It seems necessry to have a teenager along to make remotes work properly.

Paulie said...

Aren't you glad you have a short get away planned for the weekend? I bought a dvd player and could never get it to work. I gave it to another and they could not either. The last person I gave it to said it doesn't work and I told them to trash it. All that money down the drain!

imac said...

Er - sorry - you lost me on the 1st

Barb said...

Hi Katney,
I came t visit you from Martha. Not only can I relate to this post, I enjoyed reading through your other posts, too. I'm not exactly sure where you live, but I do see a photo of mountains. Hope your day got better and better (after you got the remote back...)

Julie said...

I'm with you on broadcast TV and trying to make things work that aren't geared for that. It's maddening. Oh dear on the remote! Oh and I have to figure out how to set up something to record off the DTV black box when it has a shutoff time and I was leaving for the weekend.