Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My World Tuesday--Beach Trip

We went to the beach for Washington Coastal Clean-up Day. This day is set aside every April inviting the public to come to Washington's beaches to pick up litter and marine debris. Last spring we participated for the first time under gorgeous sunny skies. The weather was less cooperative this year, as the rains came down down down -- well, and sideways as well when the winds were blowing. Still, some one thousand volunteers cleaned the beaches of tons of debris.

The evening before the clean-up was lovely, and we did some beach wandering. Here are some of the evening's sights. I did mention winds, didn't I? This is the effect of the wind on the trees on the bluff.
When we approached this big hunk of driftwood it appeared like a turtle. From this angle, I see an anteater. What do you see?

There was some serious sandcastle construction going on on the beach that evening.

It was razor clam season this weekend, too. There were a lot of clammers in the campground. This young clammer was happy to let me take a picture of his catch. (Click to enlarge this photo. Really, do. Look at those clams sticking their necks out.)

Litter and debris pick-up was our purpose, and this family was conscientious about finding whatever they could. Our own haul varied. I found a propeller. My husband picked up a whiskey bottle (Last year it was Russian vodka.) We found a variety of fishing floats of various sizes. Wire and bits of rope, hunks of Styrofoam from floats, and mysterious pieces of blue plastic.

That's My World this week. What's happening in your world?


Paulie said...

And it was all fun except for the rain. . .

Colleen said...

Hi, I found your blog through Quilly. I left my heart in the PNW and miss it dearly, so I hope you don't mind if I use your blog to help ease the homesickness. (Or will it make it worse? I don't know.)

Sylvia K said...

And we do have the greatest beaches here in Washington, don't we? Even though they unfortunately pick up a lot of trash from thoughtless people. I do love the beautiful things you find on the beaches! Great post for the day! Hope you have a wonderful week!


Martha Z said...

I see an anteater, too. It looks like a nice place to spend some time if not for the rain. I heard you left early without a chance to explore. We didn't spend as much time as we might of liked in Death Valley because of the heat.

®osadimaggio63 said...

Hi Katney,
questa è proprio una bellissima iniziativa :-)
Buona serata.

imac said...

Wonderful photos and interesting post.
Love the 1st shot, you can really see the wind in the trees.

Susan said...

Those trees sure tell a story! It looks like a wonderful day. Those are the kinds of projects I love to show up for.

Day Dreamer said...

I just started blogging...two days ago. You are my 1st "follow". I liked your blog & the photos are wonderful...what a beautiful place to live! I am a photographer as well...a forensic photog. (well, someone has to do it).
I am hoping to write some interesting blogs & learn my way around the "neighborhood."
Okay if I ask you some questions along the way?
I see you seem to have had some problems with "spammers". What did that involve? Am I correct in thinking you can block anyone who has clicked the anon. button?
Hey, great blog. Look forward to getting to know you.
Ann Spicer, Kentucky
PS: Kentucky looks like a Disney movie set right now. Beautiful spring this year! Unbelievible.

Day Dreamer said...

PPS: I see the anteater too. ;-)

Max-e said...

Hi Katney thanks for stopping by. Port Elizabeth glories in the name of the windy city, but from the pictures of those trees, our wind pales into insignificance.
Isn't it sad that wherever one goes in the world there is a group of yobos who indiscriminately litter. Well done on the clean up.