Wednesday, April 21, 2010

ABC Wednesday--N is for....

So last night I was telling my husband that it would be ABC Wednesday N and I had no idea what to post. His very creative response was Nothing--N is for Nothing.  Well, not for nothing have hundreds of bloggers made it to the sixth round of the ABCs and never have I seen one of them post nothing.

NO! We regularly post the normal. And that is exactly what I am going to do--
Go normal!

Only problem is, in order to do that you have to find some definition of normal.

At the beach where we visited over the weekend, it is apparently normal for huge tree trunks brought in by the ocean by extreme high tides to hang suspended from the cliffs. Perhaps it was not brought in by the tides, but grew there and fell as the normal erosion of the cliffside took place over the years.

We also had normal weather for April on this trip.

What is your normal mode of transportation? Do you like to go back seventy or eighty years like these guys?

Fun! but I'm not sure I would be  comfortable in the old car in normal freeway traffic. Those big rigs swishing by can be scary as it is.
Of course, the norm for traffic at home is sometimes more like this:

The time is coming up that my normal day must include quite a bit of this as I work up to near twenty miles of walking in a day--a norm for me for the next 3-Day for the Cure which I will do in November in San Diego. 

All in a NORMAL day's blogging!


Wanda said...

How very clever your Nothing was!! I enjoyed every bit of the nothing you posted, and feel very normal for doing so.

Yeah for your walk later this year, as I am a cancer survivor and my daughter is doing a walk in Santa Barbara in Sept.

Nice post and pictures.

Mara said...

I've got two 'normal' modes of transport: my bike for personal use and my coach/tourbus I drive for work.

Great post about the normality of life!

Paulie said...

Great explanation! Was that old car from our trip this time?

katney said...

Yes, when we stopped for gas--near the Indian casino. There were three of them--one on the other side of the pumps from us and the other behind this one.

Roger Owen Green said...

I usually take the bus or the bike. I love the train, hate the car.

my normal, i reckon.

On behalf of the ABC Wednesday team, thank you for participating.

®osadimaggio63 said...

Hi Ketney
N è per Normalità...
Io mi sento molto an-normale :-) perchè mi piacerebbe andare sulle strade con un Wrangler Sport...
Credi che possa essere un problema questo ?
I miei mezzi normali comunque di tutti i giorni sono :
Rover 25 TD dell'anno 2000
Peugeot Ranch diesel dell'2000
Kiss Myriam

Jay said...

Haha! What is normal, indeed? I don't think I fit with many people's idea of 'normal', but that's OK with me!