Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What's on the walls in your world?

Here's where to have a look at the world today.

Faded signs from long ago and a peek at some unnoticed graffiti share the bricks on this building downtown in our community.

The years have been hard on the top edge.

I've always been able to make out the word "clothes". Sharpening the photo image brings out "Hart, Shaftner & Marx clothes".

The word at the top, though, is still a mystery: "???????nged". Any guesses?

Here is the front of that same building with it's decorative brickwork. Not elaborate, but simple to the view--probably wasn't simple to create.

And across the street another mystery, possible signs of an earlier fire, and some more interesting brickwork.


Glennis said...

Some graffiti is quite pretty, its nearly worn away by the action of weather and time.

Lew said...

Love the old buildings, especially when the name and dae are still intact. We have some like yours here that are still in use and a few that are being remodeled after years of neglect.

Paulie said...

I like what you posted and bet that painting was glorious in its time.

Liz said...

I love to see the traces of very old advertising on buildings. it's a fascinating glimpse of the past.