Thursday, March 11, 2010

This Way--That Way--Thursway--Alaska Flashback

This signpost in Fairbanks, Alaska gives distances to cities around the world. Cities in Alaska itself are listed in the top section, those outside the state at the bottom.

Distances are far within Alaska. It is amazing how far it might be to the next town. And in the case of small towns, they may even be inaccessible by road during the winter.

That's why there are more private pilots in Alaska than anywhere else.

Skagway has its
own version.
No distances,
 but at least you are
starting out
in the right direction.


imac said...

Far too many ways to
Great find.

Paulie said...

All the info in one spot!

Where is Thursway or what is it?

Lew said...

That's a long way from everywhere! How many of those places have you visited? And some interesting points about living on a big ball - Zurich is only a few miles further than New York.

katney said...

Juneau, Ketchikan, Los Angeles, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Vancouver within the last year.

Moscow, Prince Rupert, Seoul, and Singapore within the last fifteen years.

London, Madrid, NewYork, Paris, Rome, Washington, and Zurich in far distant memory.

I think if we went around to the othere side of the sign, we might find other cities outside Alaska from A to L, and some Alaska ones from A-D and K-Z that I could include. I'll have to go back to Fairbanks someday to check on that...

Wanderlust is in my blood.