Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I Walk in My World

And doesn't almost everybody?

In this case, my world was touched about eighteen years ago when my mother and my sister had surgery because of Breast Cancer--both in the same week. Both eventually lost their battle, my Mother about two years later, and my sister after living with the disease for a number of years.

For this reason, for the last few years, my world has included a weekend walking--three days--sixty miles--because everyone deserves a lifetime.

I've shared pictures from the 3-Day walk before.

In November I will once again join thousands of others to walk three days, sixty miles, in search of the cure.
My world between now and then will include fundraising and training.
Until someday it won't be necessary any more.


Paulie said...


SandyCarlson said...

Amen, friend!

RuneE said...

A deserving cause, even if it is hard on the feet :-)

PS Thank you for the comment. I must admit that you presumption is wrong: I used my portrait and macro lens and the focusing distance was 57 cm. Since you live in Seattle you might guess how I managed to save my life :-)

Kerrie said...

Great pictures Katney! Love the pinks. Kerrie