Friday, March 5, 2010

Shoe Tree against an Oregon Sky

I may be stretching the SkyWatch theme here, but I have been meaning to come back to the shoe tree since our trip to Northeast Oregon last month and there was a lovely gray clouded sky that day as a backdrop for this social phenomenon.

Without the sky
 behind it  you would
 be hard pressed
to see these:

Or these:

or these:

We found this Shoe Tree on our drive between Joseph and Imnaha last month. I was in the driver's seat on the way back from Imnaha when I spotted this as we went past and "Whoa!!!" we had to go back for a better look.

Other "shoe trees" are more "famed", more visited, but fewer can possibly be in such an isolated area. Just look up shoe trees or shoes in trees on any search engine to find a number of collections of pictures and just about as many explanations.

Thank you sky for helping to highlight the shoe tree for me.
For more conventional SkyWatches today, visit the SkyWatch home blog and follow the links to skies around the world.


Mary said...

This is funny! I posted a shoe tree a few weeks ago, and thought it was really weird! I didn't know this was a common thing. Yours has a greater variety of shoes with the ladies shoes in it. I think mine was all tennis shoes. How odd that people do this!

Paulie said...

I have seen shoes in trees before but not the variety of them like your photos provide for the viewer. lol Great catch!

Jan said...

Very interesting. I've never encountered a shoe tree. I'll have to do a better job keeping my eyes open.

Lew said...

The chattering starlings must have been drivng the people crazy! This one could be classified an "Odd shot" too.

Hameed Nori said...

Wow fantastic photos! I remembered, when i was a child once my sandals wore suspend on tree. I had tried to get that down, but i couldn't.

Matty said...

Now that is different. A shoe tree. At first glance for a second, I thought they were birds. Nice.

®osadimaggio63 said...

quest'albero è un albero molto curioso con tutte quelle scarpe...
Ne avrà qualcuna che mi possa andare bene ?
Buona domenica :-)

Vicki ~ FL said...

I've never heard of nor seen a real shoe tree, very interesting.