Saturday, February 20, 2010

Theres gotta be a--another--story

...but this time I leave you to speculate.
So, what is this boot doing on this fencepost in Imnaha, Oregon?

Just a little more about Imnaha:
*the population is 12. (About 180 if you count surrounding ranches.) (statistic is from 2003)

*Heather posted an alternative version of the bank robber story from my previous post as a comment there. Heather is an innkeeper in Joseph, and next time we visit the area, if we aren't pulling our tiny trailer, I think we will be visiting her. I am quite sure she will be able to fill in any other details, and invite her to add to anything further that I post about the area. Wallowa Valley residents are proud of the Valley and its history. (They even stop you on the street to tell you about it.)

*Imnaha has a community celebration the third Saturday of September and one of the big features is a bear and rattlesnake feast.

*The name Imnaha comes from combining the name of a chief from the area -- Imna -- and the added form -- ha -- which means rules here. So the meaning of the town's name is "place where Chief Imnah rules(ruled)".

Isn't that enough to answer the "You went where? Why?" question for any adventurer?

Just in case you thought this was an isolated boot--maybe lost and posted (yeah, dumb pun!) on the fence so its owner could reclaim it, all the fenceposts along this small property have boots.

You can see a couple of them here, though I could probably have gotten a better picture if I had tried harder. If you do a search for boots on fenceposts you will find lots of other instances of the practice--some extending for miles and miles--and some explanations I won't publish here.


Jan said...

Until I looked closely, and read what you'd posted, I thought some cowboy'd gotten in trouble. The heel and sole of that boot look brand new! What a waste, I loves my boots.

Tink said...

Tim and I had such a great trip to Imnaha a few years ago...minus the decent down that horrifying pass out of Wa to get there from Pullman!

Love the boot shot!