Sunday, February 7, 2010

Two Years of Odd Shots

Two years ago this week my Monday Odd Shots began with this thirsty little nun on my desk at school. I've been joined by the best of them, and we have seen some strange things along the way.

At this second anniversary mark, I've decided to put regular Odd Shots every Monday on hiatus. I still run into some odd angles on things, and occasionally some really odd sights. Remember this one last fall?  And this one was a favorite of mine. And this one started my fascination with playground equipment. When I happen upon something really good, I will share it--whether it is Monday or not.

Now tomorrow is Monday, and I have a new plan. So wait and see what I've come up with. And post a link to your favorite Odd Shot of yours or someone else's in the  comments. Do you know how to post a link in comments? It's one of the two things I know how to do with html. It goes like this:

<a href="URL to point to">Text to Display</a>

 Make yourself a little note with that formula and keep it handy so you can do it again when you want.


quilly said...

Oh. I finally join and you quit. I just put up a very odd shot. Still, I will be back to see what you have planned.

katney said...

Oh, Quilly, so sorry. I still love Odd Shots, and if you post them, I will definitely come have a look. I hope I don't miss any.