Sunday, February 28, 2010

So what do these things have in common?

They are all things I have not been able to find when I needed them even though I had just had my hands on them a day or two before.

Okay. Calm down Katney. Sit down, say a prayer, ask St. Anthony to pass along the good word.

And voila! While looking for the flash drive, I spotted the Social Security Card--right where I put it. (Too late to go take the census worker test--that might have been a fun job.) And then I sat down and picked up a piece of paper and there was the flash drive--right where I had put it. The book I had tracked down yesterday--also under something else. And, you guessed it--right where I had put it.

So where is my birth certificate?

I guess that's different. I haven't needed it since we applied for our passports twelve years ago. It's probably right where I put it.


Paulie said...

and just like you they've all been lost but now are found. . .

Hameed Nori said...

Great now you have translator in blog!

Sistertex said...

I could do a post like this daily...everything is always 'lost' around here when I need them and many times my mind joins them. ;)