Monday, November 2, 2009

Odd Shots on Monday--It's a whatsit!

So what do you think?

It was at the park.

Please visit my yesterday post and come back later today for another.


Lew said...

There are some of those in a field near us. Did you know there is an organization of professionals playing this sport. If no else knows, I will post a comment later with the name. My Odd shot is up.

Trisha said...

Hey - I have seen these before! I don't think I could ever actually hit one while playing the sport but . . . I have watched others!

Gattina said...

Later today will be difficult for me, because it's already evening here, lol ! I came for the odd shot, I have no idea what your picture represents !

Liz said...

Catching up again!

Lovely psalms and photos.

I think that may have been the hotel in Vancouver that we stayed in - ours was just next to a cruise tie-up spot. A beautiful city but not as lovely as the mountains and rivers.

diXymiss said...

Our first eXperience with these was an eye opener. The piXies and I were sitting on the grass at the park, when something whizzed past our heads. Two players appeared and proceeded to scold us for unwittingly being in their path. Who knew? There were no signs posted. Pity those fellows took their play more seriously than their manners. Great shots!

Lew said...

Officially the game is Disc Golf (aka frisbee golf). The pictures Katney took are of the disc pole hole. The object being to land your disc in the basket on the pole in the fewest number of throws. There are also professionals playing Disk Golf. The game originated in southern California. There is a course in a park near us, but I have not played the game.