Tuesday, November 10, 2009

ABC Wednesday--Q is for...


When a previous ABC Wednesday reached Q, I said Q is for Quilts. Today, however I want to reinforce that with Q is for QUILTERS.

Fact is, without the quilters we would not have the quilts. It's kind of a chicken or the egg thing. No quilters means no quilts. No quilts would mean no quilters for they would be without the inspiration to make their creations. But sometime, somewhere, someone sandwiched fabrics and something fluffy together and determined that "Hey! That's warm! Let's do some more."

Another said, let's decorate it a bit.

And another had lots of scraps from making shirts and shirtwaists and said. What can I do with these? And put them together into happy patterns.

And we became quilters.
Quilting is heritage.
My paternal grandmother was a quilter. (I put her in an ABC post, too.)

My cousins who lived near her tell about the quilt frame that hung from the ceiling in a front parlor, and of the ladies who gathered and let the frame down to work on together. This quilt which she made for my cousin Ruth, as the signatures of aunts and neighbors as the quilters joined to share the work.
Quilters share.
They still do. Look at Cindy and Sue sharing this top.

It was assembled from blocks freely given for American Hero Quilts which has made its goal a quilt to honor and comfort every soldier returning injured to our regional military hospitals.

Quilters like to learn.

...and they will gather from far and near to learn from one of their favorite designers. Bonnie Hunter was a guest at the Washington Stars Guild workshop in Olympia. I traveled four hours to get there. Was I the farthest? No. There was a Quilter from Minnesota.

Quilters pitch in to help.
Many hands make light work of sandwiching and pin basting a charity quilt. Having a couple of extra tables helps, too. The retreat was over. Their cars were packed. They could have gone home. But they stayed to get this together once the tables were free.

Was it the need to get it done, or did they just want to spend a little more time with quilter friends?
Where have all the QUILTERS gone?

They sure haven't disappeared. Quilting is extremely popular, and new ideas, fabrics and patterns, and techniques and tools are coming out every day. It is a growing art.
Only two things could be the answer for empty sewing machines and cutting tables at a Quilt Retreat. Either it is mealtime and everyone is in the dining room. Or it is very early in the morning, and the quilters finally just went to bed after an all night sewing spree.

And finally, I have to say:
Quilters are incredibly generous people!
When I put out my Breast Cancer 3-Day fundraising plea in my O is for... post, I posted on my blog, posted to my quilters, and to my relatives and friends in my e-mail address book. I made mention at my exercise group and at meetings at church. The reponse was heartening. As I write this, I am within $100 of my minimum goal, where then I was far from it--like about $1600 far. Everyone has been most gracious and supportive. But by far, the most generous were the quilters--surpassing even my family and close friends in their support; challenging each other and opening their hearts and their pocketbooks for the cause.

I appreciate the support of each and every one of you, whether by donation, kind words, prayers, sotries. But I always know I can count on my quilters to put  me over the top!

The walk starts Friday morning, and if you still wish to donate to fight breast cancer, my 3-Day account will be open for another month. Just click on my shoe in the sidebar.

You will find the other participants in round 5 of ABC Wednesday at the site. And be sure and stop by to visit Denise and thank her for five fabulous rounds.


Gel said...

Fabulous post about all aspects of quilting from the beauty of the art to the heritage to the camaraderie. Especially enjoyed seeing a quilt from your family.

Sylvia K said...

Marvelous post! So interesting to read about the art and the enjoyment people get from their involvement in quilting! Your photos are delightful!



Tumblewords: said...

Lovely work - and interesting story - congratulations on gathering funds for Breast Cancer. Admirable!

photowannabe said...

I love how you put this story together, just like the quilters do in your post. Great pictures and interesting information.

Roger Owen Green said...

quality quilters, quaint craft. I have no talent in this area. thanks for the pics.

RuneE said...

When I saw the pictures one thing struck me (side from the patterns, of course), where are all the men??

Mara said...

It seems like a great way to pass a day, coffee or tea, biscuits or cakes, great friends, even better chats and in the end something you all created together!

Carly said...

beautiful quilt! I am amazed at the detail!

Mary said...

I remember well laying under the quilt frame when my grandma would come to visit. My mom said if the living room is big enough to set up a quilt frame it is perfect. Retreat memories seeing the AHQ quilt with Cindy and Sue...

Janie said...

Interesting to see the heritage and friendship involved in quilting. I admire the beautiful work, although I'm not sure I'd have the patience to make a quilt myself.

Anonymous said...

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katney said...

Rune, although there are no men in these pictures, there are a lot of very talented men who quilt. We have had some off and on in our online group, and many of our members talk about the men in their local quilt guilds. I had a gentleman in a class I taught a few years ago. By far the minority, but a presence nonetheless.

Kerrie said...

Just loved this post and the quilts are wonderful! Kerrie