Monday, November 16, 2009

An Odd Shot--Thirsty Bird

When you are thirsty, just pretend you are people.

From the summer's archives. I am away from my computer, so this is prepared ahead for your enjoyment. I post Odd Shots each Monday and offer my comments for others to link their Odd Shots as well. I couldn't go away and leave you without a place to find the Odd Shots, could I--lol


Hilda said...

Now this Odd Shot really made me smile. Cool capture, Katney!

I found some Golden eggs, though they weren't laid by a goose.

Have a safe and happy trip!

Thumbelina said...

Not only is it an odd shot, it's a great shot!

Kerrie said...

That is such a cool picture! K

Cathy said...

Great shot.

Mine is

Lew said...

Clever bird and great shot! My Odd Shot is up.

Hannah said...

Hello, everyone! My first Odd Shot Monday post is up. :)

A New Day for a New Life

Warm greetings from Florida.

Martha Z said...

Animals are smarter than we think. I had a friend whose dog would get ice cubes from the dispenser in the refrigerator.