Monday, August 17, 2009

Odd Shots Monday--saving the wedding

I didn't take this photo. That's the top of my gray head leaning into the picture. Do I know the bride? No, but I helped save the wedding.The conference center where we were holding our quilting retreat is also a popular venue for garden weddings. It looks over the Puget Sound--the view is wonderful and the sunsets can be spectacular. Our sewing room windows looked out over the expanse of lawn, and the preparation for the first of three weddings for the weekend. Setting up chairs, photo shoots, waiting for the DJ who was an hour late.


One of the quilters had talked to one of the bridesmaids in the hallway, so they knew what we were doing there. Sixteen women, as many sewing machines, who knows how many particular projects.


And then they came running into the sewing room. "Does anyone have a needle and thread?"


Ya think maybe? Hmmm?


So that is how I happen to have my picture in a stranger's wedding album, sewing up the bit of seam that had split on the wedding gown. The photographer kindly took one with my camera, too.


Well, now we had a stake in this wedding. So we watched every step from our windows, till our projects called us again. And after the wedding the bride and groom stopped as they walked up along our side of the building toward their awaiting limo. We could see but not hear her explaining the split seam, the quilters in that room up there. And her new husband looked up at our windows and gave us a thumbs up.


Oddly enough, I had already taken a picture that I thought would be my odd shot. The evening before during the rehearsal, the wedding party getting a shower from the automatic sprinklers. Do you enjoy taking pictures from odd angles, pictures of odd happenings, and-- just wait till you see my next week's odd shot here cause you'll split a seam yourself laughing--really weird stuff? Join us on or about Mondays for Odd Shots. All the details are linked by clicking the Odd Shots camera in the sidebar. Leave a link here if you play, and a comment as well because Mr. Linky disappears when the next odd shot post goes up.


Hilda said...

That was such a sweet thing to do for the bride, Katney! If I were her, I would be forever grateful!

I guess what's odd is being featured in your own odd shot! ;)

Mary said...

Leave it to you to save the day. You're always ready to be of help. Great shot, but I do like the sprinkler one too!

PERBS said...

Wow! memories to tell your great grandchildren when they get married!

Jan said...

Wow, you are a life saver. You'll be part of the new family's lore, forever.

Melissa B. said...

It's so late I forgot that I'd already linked to you. So you've got 2 for the price of one! Sort of like your snaps today, huh? Funny!

Thumbelina said...

Well that was the nicest thing to do! I am just popping in for the first time in ages to say hi because I am visiting but not blogging for now. My last post is up. I just can't find the time.

Take care Katney.

Lew said...

Every wedding needs a seamstress nearby!

Kerrie said...

That was so cool that you got to help the bride, God always put you where you need to be!

Liz said...

What a lovely gift to give the bride: keeping her dress together!

Kerrie said...

That is by far the oddest shot I have seen to date! What fun Kathy! Kerrie