Friday, October 17, 2008

PhotoHunt--Theme: Family

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We saw this family just over the California state line when we left Goose Lake State Park in Oregon this last summer. (It will enlarge if you click so you can better see the three fawns.) According to Wikipedia, triplet fawns are rather uncommon, so this would be a rare sight in its own right. but there was one more fawn in the group that was out of the frame of this picture. Were they quadruplets? Did this doe take over care and tutelage of some orphaned fawns? Was she babysitting for a friend? I don't know but it was certainly a rare sight.

You might wonder why I post an animal family for this theme. I really am a family person--mom of six with 15 grandchildren, but the family theme was difficult for me for a reason. I do not often post people pictures--and almost never children. When I do post children, they are in some way unidentifiable--either by distance, angle, or elapsed years. Children's safety--family safety--are a high priority.
Perhaps I am paranoid, but Internet safety is one of the topics I monitored and taught in my school library position. We caution our young people about what is or is not appropriate to post on their My Space or Facebook accounts, about not giving out too much information online, but do we always keep this in mind when we are posting on our own blogs?
I'd like to think that everyone out in cyberspace is perfectly innocent and good and friendly, but we know it is not so. Otherwise we wouldn't get so many opportunities to help out a distresssed Nigerian banker's widow, or clear up our non-existent PayPal account by sending all our financial and personal information to some pseudo website. In the real world at school we kept constant updates on sex offenders released into our community--how do we keep updated on the ones who might be wandering around our websites.
I do truly believe that blog friendships can be real friendships--and take this from someone who has made real time meetings with dozens of online friends--even half around the world. But I will continue to proceed with caution, especially when it comes to the children.


Gattina said...

I honnestly prefer families as you show here, it's just lovely to see them all together. Animals are more cute than a group of humans, lol !

PERBS said...

Hey! That's a great family pictured in your post. And they don't even realize they are getting all this attention!

Valtool said...

Awesome..Nature rocks. great pic

Patricia said...

I appreciate your concerns, Katney. As you know, I almost always post flowers, birds, etc., but sometimes I post people photos, today!

I was so hoping that I had an animal family to post, but couldn't find one. Your deer photo is so lovely.

diXymiss said...

What a great catch, Katney! I have seen a doe with twins, but never triplets nor quads ~ WOW.

Staci said...

Great capture of a beautiful family!

Patsy said...

Great picture. Wonderful words. I should probably be more careful about posting pictures of family and using names. Thanks for the reminder. :)

leslie said...

What a lovely photo - that mama looks like she's being very careful keeping an eye on you! :D

Mrs Mecomber said...

It is too bad about all the kooks on the Internet out there, spoiling it for us fun-loving folks. :(

But your photo is great!

I have some very vintage photos up for my Photo Hunt today! I hope you can get a chance to see and leave your link.

Carver said...

I think this is a wonderful take on the family theme.

Daryl said...

Family is the most important thing i life after shopping .. kidding .. it really is all about connections ..

Good post!


Vixen said...

What a beautiful, wild family!

PS: I hope someday I have that many grandkids!

YTSL said...

Katney --

I'm with you there re the privacy concerns. Consequently, approached the family themed Photo Hunt with some caution but still participated in the end (and found a way to continue to ensure my family's privacy while doing so.)