Sunday, October 19, 2008

Oh, Dear!

I sat down after church to a blinking stand-by light on the power button which would not respond. It would not turn on or off. Cut power at the surge protector. Restored power after a bit and tried the on button (same button). No response. The fan runs.
I have hooked up the laptop, and will later take apart the tower and check for dust-bunnies. I last did a full CD photo back-up one year ago. I was just thinking about doing that the other day. I've also been thinking about getting an external hard drive like the one my brother has. he stores all his photos on it and it connects by USB cable. I think that now is the time.
My psalms and Odd Shots are set up for the next couple of weeks. I should be able to find some more pictures in that time.
How often do you back things up and how?


Dragonstar said...

I agree with you - Oh dear! I do hope it settles for you after a clean and a rest!
We spent most of our lives without computers, but now we're lost without them. I'm sending loads of positive thoughts.

Texas Travelers said...

Sorry about that light.

I have 2 external drives (double backup). One for the laptop and one for the tower. I swap them about once a month so that I back up every photo twice.

I usually back up weekly,no later than every two weeks.

Come visit anytime,
Troy and Martha

PS: Alaska Sunday, Hope, AK is posted.

the mother of this lot said...

Er...I never back anything up! If this thing crashes, I lose the lot!

holly said...

i back things up by going "please bob don't let anything happen to my crap!"

actually, i'm kidding. i have a program (at work, who's name i can't remember but it's free and if you're interested i can email you the link tomorrow) that nicely backs up everything, and runs every day because i have put it in the task scheduler. niiiiiice. if only i had that habit at home...

diXymiss said...

Oh dear, I hear you! I do hope the lights come back on and your files are safe and sound. It's a love/hate relationship with these beasts, isnt' it?

To answer your query about back-up: not often enough! ThanX for the reminder.

PERBS said...

Sorry about the computer problems. I need that external hard drive too, I guess. I asked tech board at Tnet and Neal said it is not my memory with the 23,000 photo but space on hard drive I need. I had asked about more memory and how you put it in a flat screen computer. . . he suggested getting an external hard drive. Now I have to see how much one will cost me. sigh

My 5th hand laptop I have had for a few years (since I taught at Faith) powers up and I can hear it turn on but there is no screen preparing even when I press the light key. sigh I didn't have anything backed up there. Wish I could just afford to take these in to get "fixed."

Good luck with your computer problem. Put my entry up early. . .

Carmi said...

Doesn't sound like it's the hard drive. Since the fan runs, it points toward the system board - which means your data's there, only it's marooned.

I've got a 1 terabyte (1,000 Gigabytes, give or take) external drive. Everything syncs to it from every machine in the house. I'm manic about data, so it's worth the effort. Hardware is replaceable. Pictures of my kids...not so much.

Gattina said...

That's terrible when your computer is "out of work" I get crazy when it happens so far only once !
My odd shot is ready, it's already a quarter to eight here and I am with my second cup of coffee, lol !

Lilli & Nevada said...

Well i don't do any back up either as i only use this lap top for photos and blogging. But i do download all my photos on CD's about every 2 or 3 months. I go thru the ones that i really want and get rid of the rest.
my other lap top went black on me and they told me it was going to cost $700 to replace the screen, heck you can buy a new puter for that price, for what i do, they did tell me that they can take the hard drive out were i could retrieve me photos but then they were going to charge me for that.
Hope all goes well with yours.

CrazyCath said...

When I remember! Unfortunately, I often remember when something happens like you have had happen!

I DO have an external drive though for photos etc. It is so useful.

Louis la Vache said...

"Louis" backs up weekly to the Time Capsule. The Mac will do this automatically. Once you Mac, you won't go back...

Inland Empire Girl said...

I don't back up stuff enough... about every two months. I do it on CDs, but I think I am going to get an external hard drive also. My brother has liked his.