Saturday, May 10, 2014

Waterfall Chasing

My friend Linda visited Horse Tail Falls earlier in the week and we decided to take a look ourselves.

The sign near the falls suggested that we were not the only ones "looking".

Reflection in the pond nearby.
Then we went looking for Quartz Creek Falls.
 Oops! sorry! Didn't mean to interrupt your lunch.

Lupine is coming up.

Sounds like there is a falls near here.

There is definitely a canyon for the water to fall into.

Is that it across the canyon?

No, look back behind us.

 Quartz Creek Falls drops about 100 feet. Makes quite a splash.
 The other one? I call these "Serendipity" Falls. Unnamed and usually temporary.


There is Quartz Creek Falls again.

 Then we went looking for Salmon Falls. This one is not tall--it is a cascade. There is a fish ladder along side it.
 This rock near Salmon Falls is part of a basalt column.

Next on the agenda was Union Creek Falls, but here are the reasons we did not reach it, even though it was not far up the trail.

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