Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Group Portrait

Since we are spending some time with family in Arizona again, you might think that I could get some great group portrait shots. I have. But most of them don't seem to work for the header.

This one doesn't crop for the shape I prefer for my headers. And the garbage cans....
 I obviously didn't take this one.

I probably could use this one. Great smiles!
My Arizona girls. What are you doing Patty?
And graduation isn't till tonight.

I came prepare with some pictures from my files.

This is the group picture I didn't get into in India. My fear of heights--well, it can be high as long as it isn't there at the edge of the cliff...
I took this one of some random strangers while taking a photo class. I've always liked it.
This one from our trip to Siberia has a back story. My husband, our interpreter, and the Assistant District Director discussing mosquito control.

Our hiking group in Scotland. Don't know how those university students put up with us old folks.
Does someone look familiar?
I am going to use this one that I took after First Communion. I had taken the group photo for the parish archives and stepped aside for parents, siblings,  and godparents to have a turn. 

I believe it was Craver who proposed the theme of Group Portrait. A link to his blog and to the other headbangers will be found near the top of my sidebar. I wonder what they have managed.


Lew said...

You have group portraits from around the world. Sometimes the best portraits are after the "official" one is done and everyone relaxes. Love the one of Mac and the view from the top in India!

imac said...

Thanks kathy, always to see that handsome chappie, lo lLovely photos for Group Portraits

Craver Vii said...

Patty's photobomb is hilarious!

Why the fear of heights? Is it that you're afraid of falling? Falling isn't so bad... it's the sudden stop at the end that worries me!

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Kathy: Nicely done with a lot of groups. I did recognize two people in the group of three with you.

Christine said...

What a great perspective--a picture of the group, and of the group taking a picture of that group. And the girls look beautiful in those dresses!