Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Header Challenge--Nature

I have a bit of a challenge with this challenge. The challenge is not finding a picture to use in my header. The challenge is that I have hundreds--even thousands of images that fit the theme.
From this evening's meditation from Fr. James Martin, as he ponders the wonder we had about the world when we were kids:
"Tonight think of something that captivated you today by its beauty or strangeness or mystery. Then thank God for the ability to be amazed."
Should I choose one from far, such as this one from India...
 ...or my favorite picture from our trip to Siberia. I have a poster sized copy of the taiga forest on the wall near my desk.
 Should I look closely in my  Scotland files?
 Should I go green?
 ...or zoom in over the sea?
 Do I go north to Alaska?
 ...or south to Arizona?
 Should I look to the skies?
 ...to the treetops?
 to the top?
 ...or the bottom?
 right in close? 
My Headbanger colleagues will have their nature Headers up soon.
Check them out from their links in my sidebar.

What captivated you today?


Lew said...

Wonderful views of nature! You have traveled far and wide and the views are breath taking!

Tom said...

Fantastic... thank you for showing these pictures from your travels each and everyone is full of natures beauty. Your header is lovely.. my kind of picture.

Craver Vii said...

Those grasses in the header look very soft.

I was born and raised in Chicago. Most of what I saw was cement, brick and asphalt - every day. Those are welcome views you brought from all over the globe!

Christine said...

Wow, you are certainly well-traveled! I would love to see all those places. Your header is gorgeous, stunning. :)

imac said...

Well worthy of a winner Kathy, covers Nature in an all round theme.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Lovely Kathy, wonderful your captures of nature.