Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Rain--the theme for headbangers this week

Some of my headbanger friends have been experiencing a lot of liquid sunshine lately, and so Craver gave us the theme of "RAIN".

When he gave us the theme, I checked the extended forecast here and found ten days of sunshine and partly cloudy predicted. So when I had a bit of time, I went searching through my files for a collection of rainy pictures.

One tends to put the camera away when it is rainy. Not that rain can't make a great image, but it is not necessarily friendly to expensive equipment. Nevertheless, I found that I had a good collection of rain shots found and photographed at various times and in various places.

For example, while hiking in Scotland in the summer of 2010, we rested under the emergency shelter to let the rest of our group made the summit. We had already hit the underbelly of the clouds. It wasn't actually raining where we were then, we were above the rain.
Our guide Sean had told us not to move. He wanted to be sure that they would find us when they came down. We did, too.

But we got bored. We peeked out from under the shelter to find the clouds had lifted and the  view of the lochs and the isles was magnificent.

We didn't stray too far. And we weren't in too much trouble
 Later, back in our B&B in Ullapool, we had a rainy view of the loch through our window.
 Later that year I did the Breast Cancer 3-Day walk in San Diego. SAN DIEGO! Home of sunshine and one of the country's mildest possible climates. Did I mention sunshine?

Walkers shelter under a bridge to avoid some of the worst of the day's downpour. Wearing a variety of rain gear (not excluding a few plastic trash bags.) 

My hubby and brother met me at one of the pit stops with towels, dry clothes, and rain coat and rain pants. 

Of course, along with that rain we had wind, rendering the usual wet weather accoutrements useless.

Much of our tent city came down that night, and two of my companions deserted us for a hotel.

Rain can really mess with your head when you are camping. It does provide a memorable adventure. The night before this one was taken, we had had three hours of thunder and lightning. The camp was pitched anew after all the tents and sleeping bags had hung on the clothesline to dry. Extra precautions in the form of tarps for a second roof and buckets for extra drips were in place. We did not experience another drop of precipitation.
And by the way, you know that measure of how long after the lightning you hear the thunder? 

Raindrops on Lupine.

Raindrops on mopheads--er--Western Anenome seed heads.

Raindrops on the ship's rail.


Scene in Skagway reflected in a bumper.
Raindrops from Scotland to San Diego, to Mt. Rainier, to Alaska. Quite a search.

And then I came up from my basement office and, forecast or no forecast, this is what I saw from my car window. 
Be sure to check out the rain found by my headbanger buddies. Their links can be found in my sidebar.


Lew said...

Lots of good rain in your travels! Of course the north west gets its share from the eastward bound clouds. Love the shots of the lochs!

Liz said...

Lovely rainy shots.

WE had one of our wettest holidays camping in the south of France.

Craver Vii said...

That's a creative shot with the reflection from a chrome bumper!

Yep, rain definitely has a big impact on camping plans. One might expect it to ruin everything, but if people are flexible and stay positive, it can actually be a good time, and it's sure to be memorable. I didn't include my rain pics from last September, but I liked it.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Very cool Kathy, neat shot that was very artistic. I thought it was through a curved window.

Julie said...

This is mac
Gold craver
Silver Kathy
Sorry it's same as last week but its the headers of rain .