Tuesday, April 16, 2013

That's Strange!

"That's Strange" may seem somewhat similar to our April Fool's header challenge, but I am sure my friends whom you can find linked in my sidebar will up the ante with this one. I did not get out with the camera this week to find something strange, but found plenty while reviewing my photo files for the last year. The problem is, what is strange enough and also fits as a header picture.

Some strange things I found:
You might think a green T-shirt among the tuxedos in the symphony strange if you didn't realize that the concert was on St. Patrick's Day.

 You might think that finding a dead fish out in the desert would be strange until you spotted the beetle that was making its carcass its home. Now THAT was strange.

Speaking of beetles, there seemed to be something strange about this VW Beetle in the hospital parking lot last summer.

It may seem strange to see this sign along the Ironman bicycle route,


but no stranger than some things you see along the running route.

It was rather strange seeing this car covered with post-it notes in the park and ride.

Now, to reading the thoughts of the neighbor's horse:

"Hey, that's strange...."

"I need to go see what is going on here."

"Maybe if I get a lot closer I will find out about this strange thing."

"It's that strange neighbor lady with her camera again.

Maybe I should smile and say HI!"

Not sure which I will choose... Oh, well. It's not due up till tomorrow.

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This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Kathy: You did have some neat photos to chose from. I like the one you posted.