Wednesday, February 6, 2013

License Plates

Two years ago, when the plates came for our new-to-us car, hubby was in the hospital. So I unwrapped them and what should appear but evidence that it would be MY car. The digits of the license plate number--not a vanity plate mind you--corresponded to the last four numbers of my Social Security Number. I know, I probably shouldn't tell the world this, but I am not posting a picture of the plates, so you won't get a clue for stealing my identity.

Tom gave us an early heads up on his theme of Favorite Vanity License Plate, so we could get some pictures. When I stopped at the bank a couple of weeks ago, this car was parked in front. It could well be the first vanity plate I had ever seen, as this local now-retired school teacher has had these plates for years and years. That is evidenced by the fact that he still displays the yellow plates which were the first Washington vanity plates--distinguishing themselves from the then white with green lettering and rim plates us ordinary mortals sported.

Washington has long since changed to a license plate bearing the background image of Mt. Rainier, which BOOHA does have on the rear of his car. But it is pretty cool that he still has his first vanity plate several vehicles hence.

My vote for favorite vanity plate, however, has to go to this one which belongs to a member of our quilting group and which I photographed when she stopped by to visit us at a quilting retreat a couple of years ago.

The plate not only suits her yellow and black striped Smart Car, but helps to define the whole package. You see, Nansi is a miniaturist, and rarely makes a quilt larger than about fifteen inches square. She brought dozens of them to show and tell, and was not strapped for space in her miniature vehicle.

Vanity plates will be included in the headers of our challenge group this week. Their blogs are linked in my sidebar, so you can have a look and see what they have found for Tom's challenge.


imac said...

Thats a Hum-dinger of a Plate Kathy.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Kathy: Very nicely done, That plate might be referring to a much larger car. Her version of a Humvee.

Craver Vii said...

Great header! I like the clarity of focus, vibrant color, interesting composition, and angle of light. Even the way the front wheel is turned in. That works together with the angle of the shot. All in all, a really appealing photo.

Lew said...

Great header! I also like saying on the plate holder, but in spite of those words, this is a very neat header!

Liz said...

Oh I like Booha!