Wednesday, February 27, 2013


On my cell phone I have a contact labelled ICE--which stands for In case of emergency. I wonder if anyone would recognize it as the key to call if something happened to me. I also have HOME as a contact. Both link to my husband's number.

Before my husband had a cell phone (and long before we dropped our land line) he had my phone along when he went to pick up his tux for our daughter's wedding. This was in Phoenix, a good 1200 miles from home. Not being used to carrying a cell phone, he left it on the counter in the tux shop. When he got back to our daughter's home, we realized he didn't have it. My daughter called the number and the phone was answered. "Did you find this phone?" "Yes." "Is it at the tux shop?" "Yes--we called and left a message!" And indeed, when we got home a week or so later there was a message on our home phone that he had left the phone at the tux shop and they would hold it till he came back for it.

This is not the kind of ice Lew had when he set the word "Ice" as our theme for this week's header challenge. You can see what the others have chosen by clicking their links in my sidebar. And I am sure none of them are expecting me to post anything that came from a deep freeze, although this cruise offering might be worthy.

 No, they are expecting me to be off somewhere on the mountain on snowshoes looking for winter's natural sculptures. They will not be disappointed. But first and before I decide among the shots I sought out in my files last night, let's take a look at some other bits and pieces.

ice crystals on the antenna ball

ice coated barbed wire

Oops! Maybe we should have turned off the fountain.
Ice art in a thin layer of water remaining in another fountain.

pond ice

waterfall ice

big waterfall ice

popular waterfall ice

eave ice

and finally three instances of river ice

And now to choose. I really thought I would use one of the river ice images, but chose instead the simplicity of the iceberg.


Craver Vii said...

Wow, these are all SO good!! You have lots and lots of icy treats here. Great catches, I must say.

imac said...

Nice Ice Kathy.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Kathy: What a wonderful visual look at ICE. I loved them all. Looks like a golden post to me.

Lew said...

Love the iceberg! It really stands (er floats) out in the blue water. I would not have guessed to call "ice" if I found your phone, but "home" would have worked. Glad you thought to call your phone before driving back home.

Liz said...

All stunning, as always, katney.