Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Shop Window

I had to go back to England for my Shop Window image. It's not that there aren't any shop windows around here, and I certainly should have brought out the camera while we were at the mall the other day, but the more interesting ones would be in the cities--where I don't live--or require my wandering through town on foot--which I'm not currently fit to do as it would set off a coughing spell.

You don't mind wandering back to England with me do you? I thought not.

I actually have a sort of a shop window photo from walking down Steep Street with Stewart, who proposed the theme for today.
Shops in centuries old streets don't have such large show windows as we might be seeking.
While in Newcastle upon Tyne we happened upon this shop which held great interest for me as a quilter. The window above the door next showed old sewing machines, but the sign below indicated it was a purveyor of spirits. What combination is this? Is it the same shop? What might we find inside? Alas, we would not find out as we were there on a Sunday and caught an early train the next morning so we could meet up with Stewart and his lovely wife Julie in Lincoln. Perhaps Julie, who is also a quilter, and I can explore this in another trip some day.
While we were in London we stayed in a suburb where we couldn't see much of the shop windows as we walked between our hotel and our train stop each day of sightseeing.  The whole neighborhood was a maze of construction. I hope they are back to normal now.
My choice for the header contains a shop window on the ground floor--but in the windows above is the choice view--the steeple of Westminster Cathedral.
Richard's headbanger post reminded me of these windows in India. I'll keep my cathedral for the header, but thought you might enjoy the variety the chance to travel provides.


This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Very cool Kathy, love the India shops you added. I should get some neat ones next year when I'm in Turkey.

imac said...

LOts of shop windows Kathy, Nice to see Lincoln too.

Liz said...

What a great variety of shop windows.

Vicki Bensinger said...

Hi Katney I have been trying to reply to a comment you left for me about static pages but have had issues trying to get the tabs to post at the top. Hoping for your help.

Then I just noticed that your husband has Multiple Myeloma. For years that's what they had thought my dad had, instead it was Gauchers Disease. I hope he is doing better.

Christopher Frost said...

Glad you liked visiting England, although it would have been good to see an old fashioned American shop or store with prices in Dollars, rather than Pounds

Lew said...

Love the old shops, either here or England! I'll give the header challenge a go, if you are still sort one person. Leave me a comment on my blog, as my email is not working at the moment.