Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Over the River(s)

We set off over the rivers and through the woods, though the song says to Grandmother's house we go, rather we the grandparents go to the Grandkids for Thanksgiving.  You would have thought that having gone over the Yakima, Columbia, Umatilla, Grande Ronde, Malheur, Snake (twice), Boise, Raft, Bear, Sevier,  Virgin (at least five times), Muddy, Colorado,  Big Sandy, Santa Maria,  Hassayampa,  Agua Fria,  New, and the Salt Rivers, we would have had many pictures to choose from for my own choice of theme Over the River. Alas, when you are determined to reach your destination on a deadline, stopping for pictures just doesn't happen.

The plan was to stop and take new pictures of this bridge at over the Snake at Twin Falls.
We could have sidetracked for a fresh view of the  Blue Bridge at Tri-Cities'

But alas, the only picture stop we made was this viewpoint over the Colorado River just after we crossed the bridge (that I had intended to take pictures of) into Arizona.

For my header I am choosing to show something of the reason for our wanting to reach Phoenix before Sunday, We came to cheer on our son-in-law Greg as he completed his third Ironman Triathlon. If we had stopped to take pictures of all those rivers we would have arrived about when he crossed the finish line.

On the 112 mile bicycle leg of the Ironman after a 2.4 mile swim.

The header has Greg in his run (marathon after the swim and bike--making a total of 140.6 miles) along the Tempe Town Lake, after crossing the bridge in the background over the lake which is actually part of the riverbed of the Salt River (thus it really is over the river.)

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Here are some more Over the River pictures from my archives.

Grandfather Turns Loose the Ponies--looking OVER the Columbia River
Icicles hang over the Nisqually River
Suspended over the river
Would you?


Craver Vii said...

Yes, I would (cross that last bridge). ...especially if I saw that those others had already gone over it safely.

What an excellent set of river photos! I can understand how you wish you could have taken more, but these are great!

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Kathy: You got some neat captures for your choice.

SandyCarlson said...

What a week. This is a great prompt; thank you! Your photos are tops.

Lew said...

Congratulations to Greg! And to you for this fine set of rivers and bridges! Your bridges are larger than ours here in Maryland and magnificent vistas also. The Salt never looked like that when I was in Phoenix 17 years ago. I think they were just beginning to talk about creating a reservoir to save water for a non-rainy day.

Lew said...

Also, I would cross that bridge. It looks sturddy and I have also been over swinging bridges.

RuneE said...

As you know I enjoy photos of rivers, and you had some beauties here - as well as some fine rivers
BTW - I just posted another a photo of another river That I think you have seen before :-)

Liz said...

We would both love to go to Colorado. Maybe one day ...

katney said...

Colorado has some beautiful country. But we did not go to Colorado this trip. The Colorado River passes through and between several states, and we crossed it twice going into and out of Arizona.